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Get Proven and Tested Training Programs

We've been designing sports performance training programs and coaching and developing 1000's of high performing athletes for over 20 years. If you do the work, you will get results:

  • Shave valuable time off your top end speed

  • Improve your power--first step quickness and acceleration

  • Jump higher and jump farther

  • Throw harder and faster

  • Shoot with more speed and power

  • Increase your rotational strength, speed and power

  • Add more stability, balance and coordination to your sports movements

  • Hit harder

  • Stay more disciplined and committed to goals

  • Become a more effective leader and teammate

  • Create new habits to level up, and remove bad habits holding you back

  • Reduce your risk of injury through balanced training

  • Perform at your best, more consistently

Get All The Tools You Need

As certified, educated and experienced sports performance coaches, we give you all the tools you need on your path to the next level: we work with you and what you have available to give you the highest opportunity for success.

  • Worksheets, workbooks and journals so you can determine where you are, create your map, and track your progress

  • Apps that allow you to upload and track your nutrition and training logs right onto your phone or tablet

  • Exercise technique videos and cues for training programs, with on the fly updates and changes and alternative exericses

  • Live chats and messaging using Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Chat, GroupMe, Facetime, or other programs - whichever works for you

  • Meal planning templates, workout templates and mental performance guides

  • AND Much, Much More!

Physical Performance Training

Work with a Finish First Sport Performance online peak performance coach to get your own customized plan, OR use one of our many successful 'Ready to Go' Programs, designed and proven to work for sports such as lacrosse, golf, ice hockey, baseball, volleyball, tennis, and soccer, and for specialties such as improving speed, and improving your vertical jump.

  • 'Ready-To-Go Programs - 6 to 12 week done for you proven programs, available immediately, specific to age, experience, sport, and time of year

  • Customized online programs and coaching, using our exclusive Determine, Develop and Dominate Framework

  • Done for you (Ready To Go) or Done with you (Online Performance Coaching)

  • OR, DIY programming using our Peak Performance Pathway or Performance Programming Framework Courses

Mental Performance Training

"Train the mind or get left behind." If you're not training your mental performance, you're missing one of the main ingredients in taking your game to the next level. What is mental performance? Great question!

  • Take complete ownership of your mental performance with our Built Different Blueprint Course

  • Master your mental performance with an online mental performance mastery coach

  • Mental Performance is the foundation of everything

  • Get the right mindset for all that you do

  • Understand motivation, self-control, and discipline to keep you on track

  • Grow each day with awareness and energy

  • Focus on the process, not the outcome - learn how to make and keep this as a priority in your training

  • Use breathwork, meditation and mental imagery to optimize performance

  • Create routines and habits to produce excellence

  • Get more organized and more productive

  • Master leadership and be a better teammate

  • Set winning goals and you own personal mission, vision and values

  • Add to a culture created for success


Join us and continue your journey to getting to the next level. We work with you to create the plan, and you do the work to make it happen. Stop selling yourself short and letting anything hold you back. Stop making excuses and take ownership of your next steps. The time is now. Decide and commit to being the next champion. Don't just train to train...train with purpose. Use a proven system that will prepare you to perform your best when it matters most!

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